Duduk Virtuoso:
Scales and Exercises for Traditional and Extended Range Armenian Duduk

Duduk Virtuoso is the first ever duduk scales and exercise book published for Armenian traditional and extended range duduk. Traditionally, because of the limited range of traditional duduk, students mostly studied and played folk melodies by ear during the learning process. Scales and arpeggios were never used in the teaching methodology. With the advent of Minasov’s extended range duduk musicians now can perform across two octaves and in all twelve keys, significantly increasing the instrument’s repertoire.


Becoming Duduk Virtuoso

Mastering scales and arpeggios on Armenian duduk is now a possibility thanks to extended range instrument and the new study book. Georgy Minasyan masterfully arranged scales and studies from easy to complex, taking into consideration all subtleties of duduk performance. Students and master performers alike will appreciate increasing performance challenges on their way to the total mastery of the instrument.

Traditional Duduk Scales

The book illustrates all major and minor scales, their arpeggios and corresponding exercises that can be performed on traditional instrument. The author designed special exercises and etudes to address challenges specific to a particular key and to develop student’s fingering mastery.


Extended Range Scales

Georgy Minasov’s patented extended range duduk plays the same amazing sound, but gives the possibility to perform more notes. This in turn allows contemporary musicians and composers to open new doors for the beautiful sounds of the instrument. Listen to the possibilities of the extended range duduk and its beautiful sound performed by Georgy Minasov’s students.

A Sample Page

Download a sample page from the book to get a taste of what’s inside. We are sure, you will enjoy playing C Major scale, it’s arpeggios along with its dominant seventh chord progression. A simple exercise to further hone playing skills in C Major follows.