Duduk For Beginners:
Complete Method and Repertoire

The Duduk For Beginners is specifically created for beginner duduk players in mind who are just entering the mystical world of this beautiful Armenian instrument. The first edition includes scales, studies, and etudes to improve beginner duduk player performance, as well as plenty of material to build your first playing repertoire. Specific attention was paid to include works of Armenian, Russian and Western European composers in addition to traditional Armenian spiritual, folk music, ashugh songs and dance melodies.

Duduk for Beginners Georgy Minasyan

Your journey begins here

The book is divided into three parts: Introduction to duduk, basic scales, exercises for each scale, as well as various melodies to make things more interesting. Duduk solo repertoire arrangements from variety of genres, including classics adaptations (Mozart, Bach, Marcello). Duduk repertoire with piano arrangements, including beautiful pieces like Lullaby by Johannes Brahms, etc.

Piano Accompaniment

Duduk For Beginners includes several musical pieces arranged for duduk with piano accompaniment. Beginner duduk students now not only can practice scales and exercises and play the instrument with a drone (dam) but also plan their piano performances with a pianist. The book features several beautiful piano and duduk pieces for you to perform.

Duduk for Beginners content Georgy Minasyan