Extended Range Duduk

The extended range duduk is invented by Georgy Minasyan and is patented in Armenia in 2001 under Patent No. 1165. The modified instrument increases the range of traditional duduk allowing musicians to perform within two octaves. The smart lever system allows professional performers to further develop the flexibility and agility in all the fingers across the scales previously unfamiliar to traditional duduk.

The Design

The result of many years of diligent work of the master and finally there is an instrument that extends the possibilities of duduk beyond traditional. Thanks to new multi-functional levers that add seven new notes performers now can extend their repertoire to new music styles, such as classics, jazz, blues, soul and more. This instrument features the same mystic duduk sound and adds lower sounds for extending your expressions.

The Instrument

The Range

The extended range duduk adds up three notes thanks to the upper lever (D, D#, E), which are performed with the combination of lever or lever and lips.  Bottom part consists of three multi-functional two-way levers that allow to play notes A, Ab, G, Gb, F and E. All together, on this instrument the levers with combination of lips allow to perform from E3 to E5. Please follow the link below to download fingering chart comparing the range of traditional and extended range duduks.


The Sound

The sound of the extended range duduk is the same amazing sound you expect to hear from any professional grade instrument. Made by a master player whose career spans over 60 years, this duduk is made from the finest Armenian apricot wood aged to perfection. Paired with a professional grade reed it plays the same soothing and velvet sound familiar to all duduk lover’s around the globe. This instrument was used to record solo duduk for the 2016 Hollywood feature film, ‘The Promise’.


Made to Order

Each one of these unique extended range duduks is hand-made from properly aged Armenian apricot wood and is fine-tuned by Georgy Minasyan himself.  These original instruments are exclusively available via Dudukhouse. Your purchase includes one extended range duduk, three reeds and a soft-case. Worldwide shipping included in the purchase price. Once you submit your order we will confirm availability and shipping to your destination. We accept all major credit cards via PayPal.