Duduk Armenian Instruments
By Georgy Minasyan

In addition to being virtuoso duduk player, author and teacher, Georgy Minasyan is also an relentless inventor.  His patented modifications of the traditional instrument include creation of bass and baritone duduks, and several extended range instruments that allow to significantly increase player’s repertoire. Duduk Armenian instrument has undergone many improvements during the last century and  Georgy Minasyan’s reforms in further developing the instrument will be here to stay for generations.

Traditional Armenian Duduk

Professional grade traditional Armenian duduk hand made from high quality apricot wood. Handmade in Armenia from high quality materials and fine-tuned by Georgy Minasyan himself.  This instrument is perfect both for beginner and professional players and comes with one medium softness reed.  Available in the keys of A, B.

Playing Range:


Armenian duduk Minasyan Bb

Extended Range Armenian Duduk v.1

Georgy Minasov’s first version of modified traditional duduk adds three valves controlled by metal levers. Upper lever allows easier performance of note D and adds note E – not available on traditional duduk. Two other valves are located on the lower part of duduk and add notes of A, Ab and G – significantly improving the range over the traditional instrument.

Playing Range:


Extended Range Armenian Duduk v2

Small extended duduk was further modified by Georgy Minasov to further extend its range in the lower octave. The lever system located on the bottom of the instrument received a complete overhaul to allow smooth performance.  The following notes have been added: F#, F and E extending the instrument’s range to two octaves. This instrument opens up new opportunities for serious players and significantly increases the repertoire beyond traditional folk, gussan and spiritual works.

Playing Range: